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Post by ~@diKz~ on Fri Jun 01, 2012 6:34 am

Adikz Forum

    A sort of loading screen first appears when I visit the link. Not a bad idea, but it would be more effective if the actual forum loaded whilst this screen was up, since all it does at the moment is delay when the forum can be seen. In any case, it looks nice graphically. The navigation buttons at the top are a little bit plain though - try making custom ones instead of trying to use the theme's default?

    As for the theme itself, I've seen it before. In fact, I used it on one of my very old sites. It was well-recieved, though not without a few technical niggles. I can't remember specifically what they are, but you may recognise them when they appear. Anyway, each of the forum images looks nice. I moved one to a new tab to check the url though, and it seems they are not custom-made. Have you got a graphic designer on your team who could perhaps help with making a full theme that defines the whole forum?

    There's not much else to say since the whole theme wasn't actually made by you. The addition of the logo to the banner is simplistic at best. Generally, the whole theme is a good one, but a more accurate score would be obtained by you or someone you know making a forum-unique skin rather than using a hitskin one.

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