The SLMGR Command

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The SLMGR Command

Post by ~@diKz~ on Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:39 am

The SLMGR Command

This is a quickie recipe explaining exactly what the slmgr command and options do. This is very useful for a corporate or home business or power user. Lets take a look!

1. Hold down the Win Key + R to bring up the Run box. Type CMD to get up our ever classic command prompt.

( if you are not an admin, you will need to run the command prompt as admin by going to Start Menu , type CMD , right click and click the run as administrator below it. )

2. you can run the slmgr command like this: slmgr [machinename [user pass]] [option]
you can find info/activate both locally and on a remote pc

by default, if you do not specify a machinename and user pass you will check the current pc your running command prompt on.
( we will only concentrate on the local pc and not use a machinename or account )

If you get an error, ‘slmgr’ is not a recognized as an internal or external command….. ,
you may have to change to the system32 folder. use these commmands:
type: cd\
type: cd windows\system32

your prompt should change to C:\windows\system32>

slmgr command and options:

slmgr -dli (this will display the current activation/licensing info of the pc your on)

slmgr -ipk xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (allows you to replace the current product key with the specified)

slmgr -xpr (shows expiration date of current license)

slmgr -upk (uninstalls current product key and i would assume puts license back to trial state)

slmgr -ato (activates current pc’s license)

slmgr -skms activationservername
slmgr -skms port
slmgr -skms activationservername:port (sets KMS server used for activation and/or port, ie slmgr -skms or slmgr -skms KMSServer:8090)

slmgr -rearm (resets the licensing status of the machine)

slmgr -ckms (clears the name of KMS server used to default and port to default)

Hopefully you now can have more control and info on your license status and activation. approve

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